Church Attire


Partners and visitors at Cornerstone Bible Church wear a variety of apparel to services.

We want you to be comfortable, so that you can concentrate on worship and the Word of God.

At Cornerstone Bible Church, you may see an individual with a suit and tie on one end of the row...and on the other end a person wearing shorts and a tshirt.

We are not about outward appearances here at Cornestone...we are more focused on what you believe on the inside!


We encourage you to bring your notepad and something to write with, because we are a teaching ministry.

We like to dig into the scriptures and see exactly how to apply the truths of the Gospel of Grace in our lives!


We are excited to have you with us! Make yourself at home!

Get ready to "GET YOUR WORD FIX!"






Church Service Times

Wednesday Evenings

Family Foundations    6:30 P.M.

Sunday Mornings:

Corporate Prayer    Approximately 9:15 A.M.
Sunday Morning Service   10:00 A.M. 


Come and Join Us!

Located at:
470 East Princeton Street
Crofton, Kentucky





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Contact Us

Phone: 270-424-9999





Live Webcasts:

Sundays at 10:00 AM
Hour of Power every fourth Wednesday night at 6:30 PM.

Radio Broadcast:

Sundays at 9:05 AM on:
96.5 FM
1480 AM

Television Broadcast:

Cable Channel 14 Hopkins County, KY
Monday 9:00 PM
Sunday 8:30 AM