Ordination Service with Pastor Creflo Dollar


Pastors Kris and Heather Page worked at World Changers Christian Academy under the leadership of Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar for four years. Pastors Kris and Heather were also ordained by Pastor Creflo A. Dollar and World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia. Below is a transcript from their ordination service at World Changers Church International on August 5, 2008:

Ordination Service                     

World Changers Church International

College Park, Georgia

August 5, 2008



Pastor Creflo A. Dollar:

At this time, would Kris and Heather Page come forward.  

I do not without the Spirit of God ever take the time to release people into the ministry unless I have received either a special word of the Lord or special instructions but I can say for these two that I’ll never forget when I spoke to my wife, I said, “They’re gonna pastor one day.” And to see it come to pass…but to see it come to pass in a way that you operated as servants…you operated with a servant’s heart. You were always willing to do everything that was needed and was asked of you…and already you are dearly missed. And so today it is with great honor and privilege to do what we are about to do in this morning’s servants.


Out of your hearts God has given birth to Cornerstone Bible Church in Crofton, Kentucky. Where in the world is Crofton, Kentucky?


Cornerstone Bible Church (CBC) is dedicated to inspiring change in individual’s lives by teaching the infallible Word of God. The vision for CBC was birthed out of a hunger and a desire to teach God's word with simplicity and understanding.

At CBC they believe that God wants you to experience success in every area of life: spirit, soul, and body. Cornerstone Bible Church…Loving People and Changing Lives.


II Timothy 3:1-7


II Timothy 4:1-5


Titus 1:7-9


I trust and am very…especially in these last days…where men and women of God sometimes don’t take seriously and understand the seriousness of this call. A career you pay for…but a calling you’re born with. Amen. And there’s got to be evidence by the Spirit of God…what’s on you. I’ve sensed that…I know that in my heart. And what we do today, we do with great joy! For the state of Kentucky will never be the same again. Amen!


So…where is my oil? And I want all of my ministers here.


Prayer over Pastor Kris Page:


Oh…Lord Jesus…(Praying in tongues)…thank you for your anointing Lord.


In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit…Kristopher Page, I anoint you with oil. I pray this prayer and anoint you with oil setting you aside publicly for the full time ministry of whatever God calls you to do: Yes as a Pastor, but doing the work of the Evangelist, yes doing the work of the Evangelist but standing in the office of a prophet.


Your mouth belongs to him…your life belongs to him…you are his and he belongs to you.


I lay hands on you now my son. I declare the anointings of our generations…the anointings that are at the hem of the garment…the anointing of my fathers be upon you now…those anointings of prophet…the anointing of healer…the anointing of teacher…revelation flowing freely uninterrupted and unhindered by any satanic or demonic force…from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet…from the inside out…you are equipped.


Now walk in this liberty…and have faith in this pedigree from which you have come from. And in Jesus’ name whatever you need…like the woman with the issue of blood have faith in that anointing at the hem of the garment. We give you praise for it right now.


Prayer Over Pastor Heather Page:


Heather Page, in the name of the Father, in the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Because you are one with this man…one together with him in covenant…this responsibility and this call be on you (Praying in the Spirit)


And I declare every anointing that has been made available to the helps be upon you…that the pool of anointings be available to you…(Praying in the Spirit)


And in the name of Jesus by the laying on of hands, I set you aside right now for this call of ministry...that you will lack in nothing…nothing…you’ll lack in nothing…your emotions will line up with this call…everything in you will line up with this call…


Your faith is strong…and you shall rise strong in this call…and you shall come forth with all that is necessary for this ministry to be all that God’s called it to be (Praying in the Spirit)


Now Lord…I see that…may this healing anointing in her begin to work…and manifest itself…may this healing anointing begin to work and cause many to be set free…and Father we give you praise…we give you glory in Jesus mighty name!


Prayer Over Cornerstone Bible Church and Kris Page Ministries:


Now…let’s just all pray in the Holy Ghost over them right now. (Praying in the Holy Ghost).


Yeah…yeah…yeah…Now I have called you for a time such as this. Because in my plan…the world may not realize it but I’m about to release a great fix.


And it is your part that I have given that will have to be genuine in these last days. You’ll discover this genuinous by continuing to grow and walk in my ways.


For I’ve not sent you forth just to be another church…you know…in the midst of all that is here today. But it is important that you seek me and to continue to flow in my way.


For my way is what will lead you to the place of my design and destiny. So don’t begin to become a copy of those things that you see. For I want you to walk and to stay with me.


I am searching for those who will maintain a steadiness in this time. And that’s why I call you mine…Yes you’re mine. And so prepare yourself to go strong and I’ll be there with you.


Don’t ever…ever consider to walk away from my Word or turn it loose. For I will speak through you revelations that will change the nation. But you’ve got to be in a place where the grace can continue to flow and touch those who’ll I’ll bring with this revelation.


So prepare yourselves in great joy and use your mouth to generate the things that cannot be seen at this time…Speak it and I will bring it to pass…and you’ll look at it when it shows up and say…”It’s here at last…at last.”


So go ahead and walk strong and bold in this calling that I’ve called you to. Have the liberty and the authority and those things will see you through.


So these are precious times and I’m delighted to have you as mine. So let’s move together, flow together, and stay together sayeth the Lord. For these will be great times. See it as an adventure of mine.


And we’ll cause things to happen and souls will be saved. Don’t look at the community even though they may sway. For I have designed this thing and it will surely come to pass.


And when you see it all manifested, you’ll say, “Thank God…at last…at…last…at last!” Amen! Praise the Lord! Glory be to God!


Glory be to Jesus! Hallelujah!


We believe in you…God bless you…Amen!






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